Panic Does Not Equal Productivity

The last two weeks have been stressful.

Hell, the last month has been stressful.

Everything has been a constant flux of different; from doing my normal work (not too stressful) to presenting at a New Hire Training (kinda stressful but also fun) to having my workload pretty much double on me (STRESS LEVEL MAXIMUM)…

Today, I woke up and work was the first thing I thought of. “I have so much to do. It’s my day off. This sucks. I’m stressed. Wah Wah Wah.” I drank my coffee and started to feel overwhelmed, then stumbled across this LinkedIn article. It could not have come at a better time. I read it, though, and I was still stressed. “Easy for this guy to say. Deadlines don’t just disappear… etc. etc.” And I decided to take his advice anyways. I went in my room and prayed, something that I don’t do often enough, but I like doing it because…I don’t believe in praying for magical things to happen. This might happen anyways…but these are the things I pray for usually, in order.

1. I thank God for the good things that are happening in my life and the lives of those around me. This helps put me in a more positive frame of mind a lot of time.

2. I pray for those around me that are having trouble. This helps me realize that a) I’m not alone, and b) it could be worse.

3. I pray for the things I feel I need work on, like today’s features of patience, positivity, and acceptance. I feel it’s more conducive to pray for change in oneself than a change in circumstance…and a lot of the time, it seems like…if you change yourself, your circumstances will also change with you.

….and I was still in a bad mood, so I resolved that I was hungry and should treat myself to crepes at Sweet Paris! Kat wasn’t there though :-/

…and I was STILL in a bad mood when I got home, so I decided to take a nap. I was sticking with this “do nothing” thing, darnit! I laid in bed and tossed and turned for almost 2 hours; and I finally decided…that I just need to take each task at a time. Don’t think about the whole picture. Just do one thing at a time, do what I can, and see how it goes. I cranked out everything I thought I needed to do in approximately 2 hours.

I spent over half my day upset about what I needed to do, and did it in a third of that time. I ruined my own day with negativity, and it’s SUCH an easy thing to do if you’re not careful. I’m glad I got my stuff done, and even though I have three conference calls tomorrow (on my other day off) I am glad I’ll be going into it with less stress than the day before šŸ™‚ Perhaps I’ll even get a bit of shopping done!!

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Dear February

You are three days away, and you’ve got some big shoes to fill RE: January. You both fall in the year 2014, so you get a handicap in that you are in what is turning out to be a pretty fantastic year so far.

The promotion I wasn’t sure I was getting has come through and I will be starting the first day of your month, February. Let’s try to make it a smooth transition, as I would like to not be overly stressed out. I have to plan a market-wide party that launches in your month as well….so let’s hope that works out well!

I got a new car last week, and have assigned myself the role of poor field worker until it is paid off, which, while I signed a 72-month plan, will hopefully be about 3 years from now. The car purchase was horrible. I don’t know if there’s a way to make car buying not suck, but I do love my new car and utilizing every bit of pandora data streaming that I can. Also, because it is a Prius, I get awesome mileage.

Ginger Car

You see that dress, February? It was free, and vintage, and I am in love with it. It belonged to my aunt and she said I could have it this month along with another dress that is also vintage…so February, I fully expect you to hook me up with some awesome free clothes as well! (JK, but seriously if you could do that I’d be ever so appreciative)

My friend picked out her wedding dress, a reminder that this year is the year of every marriage of everyone I know ever (it’s only three marriages but that’s more than the 1/year that typically trickles through). None of these marriages are in your month, but the bachelorette party is! This will either be super awkward since I decided to give up drinking, or super awesome because everyone will be happy to have an auto-designated driver. February, I’m depending on you to create the latter situation.

February, I have the utmost confidence in you. I know you can help make this year amazing, and I’m looking forward to working through you!!


I guess this is my way of saying that January has been pretty kickass. Promotion, new car, clothes, a generally happier outlook on life for the most part…but written in a very bratty way. I am happy right now! Happy to be getting new experiences and feeling like I’m a bit closer to being a full-blown adult. Also, checklist from breakup: Get a career…I’m not quite checking this off yet but I truly feel this is heading somewhere and I couldn’t be more excited. Financially Stable: Well, no…but I think paying for a new car is going to help quite aĀ  bit. I am already so paranoid about not having money that it has been super easy to say no to everything except friends! I am a sucker for my friends and dinners out. My mom also got hired for the job she applied for as well, both of us starting the same week. It is crazy! 2014 is shaping up to be pretty sweet IMO šŸ˜€

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