San Francisco

I went to San Francisco about a month ago and am just now posting about it.

It was, of course, lovely. On Friday my friend and I hiked Angel Island, then took a ferry to…somewhere else I currently can’t remember. We had lunch. It was picturesque, as everything in SF is. I really like it there. I wish I could get a job there, but it’s incredibly competitive, so you need to have an “in” as it were, to even have a chance of being considered…which is a bit disappointing, but, I suppose, understandable. It is a little terrifying to think of moving to one of the most expensive cities in America without something lined up, don’t you think?

Anyways, here’s a panoramic I took from the top of Angel Island:


We actually had a rather laid-back weekend; we went to Napa on Saturday, which was fun, but not as educational and a bit more booze-fueled than I would have liked, but the scenery was most definitely gorgeous. Sunday I wasn’t feeling too well, and though we were out for about half the day, in the evening we hung around and watched teen flicks. I ate ramen, real ramen, for the first time. IT WAS AMAZING. I really enjoyed it. I love food. I know it’s super silly and I love Mexican food to death, and apparently it doesn’t really exist in Cali, but there is so much FOOD in San Francisco, and it’s all different. Or at least, it has been for me.

I also went on another date with my, uhh…romantic interest…while I was there, so that was nice. I like him, but it can’t really develop with so much space. Maybe I’ll get lucky and line up something where I can move and have an awesome job AND a love life :-p

Funny thing…but it is a lot easier for me to blog when I am not so happy. Isn’t that terrible? I use this as a bit of a looking-glass, though, and I suppose it’s a bit therapeutic. Honestly, things have actually been going fairly well for me lately, and I’ve been in a much better mood since I got back from my vacation; I guess I just needed a break!

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