California Dreamin’

I still can’t believe I’m actually here.

Every day I wake up and even when I’m driving to work it’s just so picturesque and beautiful.

I haven’t stopped listening to electronic dance music since I’ve come here too…no idea what’s up with that.

You know how, in my last blog, I was mentioning being stressed out because my position was being eliminated, and how I’d applied for the promotion in CA but realistically doubted it would happen?

Well..It did. Even though I felt both of my interviews went technically well, I still just didn’t think it would happen. I came back into my room after a shower three days after I thought I would hear back to a voicemail from a person I had never talked to with STA.

Here it comes…the rejection…

“So we’d like to offer you the position if you’re still interested.” And I spent the rest of the day and even the week in shock. To be honest I think I’m still in shock.

Everything is going well so far work-wise. I feel like I have a really tight-knit team, although some of them are leaving for better opportunities (still with Samsung lol, best company to work for I think). Our market is struggling but I think we just need a major morale booster and the holidays and Note 4 launch will do just that. My boss seems very cool and receptive and communicative, which is great.

I walk literally everywhere I can-the weather here is in the 70’s most of the time. On my days off I’ve been trying to at least make sure I walk around a park or something similar for a little while just to enjoy the nature and weather. I still get to hang out with my friends on a fairly regular basis and my boss really emphasizes quality of life, which I think is amazing.

So far I’m still in honeymoon mode mentally but I’m doing my best to keep that attitude for as long as humanly possible!

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  1. Mija Said:

    on September 14, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    So glad you’re rocking the job (I knew you would)! Enjoy the awesome sights and totally missing you ;o;!!


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