Living in the Bay

It’s been quite some time!

You know how, when the going gets tough, you can either tell the world, or hide away? I’ve been hiding.
Things are going a lot better now, which is good, but the holidays and spring were rather stressful. Things didn’t really start to improve until May, when I landed a different job as a sales rep for Logitech. I’m a bit poorer, but I’m also a lot less stressed, so I count it as a “win.”

I won’t really get into the details, but let’s just say the first half of this year was pretty darn stressful. I’m hoping this fall will not be, but who knows?

I have once again decided that I need to start actively looking for a non-retail-oriented job. This is going to be my primary focus through the rest of the year. I would love to get into something more creative, but I doubt that will be happening anytime soon…at least, not until I can develop some more relevant skillsets!

In other news, living here is pretty great. I’m definitely getting a gradual tan (unintentional) from being outside more. The weather is continually stellar, although I wish it would rain occasionally. It happens so little and so rarely I’m worried that it might not ever REALLY happen. El Nino is coming though, so I’m keeping my hopes up!

I did have my 30th birthday recently, which was pretty great. I went and toured a brewery with some friends and had dinner with some other friends! All in all, it was a fun weekend!

Anyways, I’m going to try and start posting more often…hopefully with more insightful things to say!

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  1. Mija Said:

    on October 18, 2015 at 8:52 am

    I miss ya!!!! So proud of cool life in CALI!!! Whooooooot!!! Happy 30th – we are officially cool adults….yes yes XD


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